Evolution7 Labs

Evolution 7 will help to revision and restructure the electric grid landscape to a decentralized, highly reliable, and secure SmartGrid infrastructure with the deployment of scalable Solar and Renewables-based MicroGrid configurations.  Evolution7 Labs is composed of two business units, E7 Ventures and E7 Labs.  E7 Ventures provides strategic consulting and investments using a portfolio of investment strategies for developing, owning, and operating MicroGrids and MicroGrid technology companies (distributed clean-tech power systems).  E7 Labs is currently in development of state-of-the-art technology to support Microgrids where electric vehicles and solar converge and is in the R&D stage of development.


David A. Cohen, Founder and Chairman  David is currently Chief Strategy Officer of Car Charging Group which is now the largest owner operator of electric vehicle charging services including the Blink Network. David has 24 years of management, product development, and business development experience for emerging renewable energy technology companies. He has specialized in the areas of distributed energy, intelligent buildings, Smartgrid, enterprise software, and renewable energy development. David founded four start-up companies and has a track record in building, scaling, and selling innovative ventures. He has completed numerous joint ventures, and partnerships in the US, Europe, Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Australia, and Asia-Pac. He has developed and commercialized over 20 energy-related software products, and is nationally renowned for his pioneering work in distributed energy and SmartGrid software applications. David was named as one of the top 100 movers and shakers in the SmartGrid by Greentech Media. David wrote The Electrinet: A Communications Architecture for a Competitive Electric Power Industry.

As founder and COO of Pacific Controls subsidiary PCS Smart Grid Services, David recently developed the industry’s first end-to-end building to grid (B2G) and distributed energy managed services platform. The Galaxy platform is a machine-to-machine (M2M) cloud computing platform used to connect building to grid (B2G) and SmartGrid domains. David was the developer of software solutions including the Virtual Building Energy Network and the Enterprise City Infrastructure Management applications deployed within Global Command and Control Centers (GCCC) in Dubai, New York, and Toronto with 8 additional planned future global city locations. The GCCC currently manages over 70,000 buildings including the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. The entire platform is white labeled by Jones Lang LaSalle globally under the name IntelliCommandTM to provide intelligent building energy monitoring and managed energy services.

Prior to founding Pacific Controls Smart Grid Services, David was CEO and co-founder of Infotility which was one of the first demand response aggregators and developer of InfoNowTM the industries first web-based automated demand response platforms. Infotility was the founding contributor to the Auto-DR project which is now Open-ADR, the industry standard for automated demand response. David pioneered the development of GridAgentsTM the SmartGrid industry’s first intelligent agent-based software platform. The GridAgentsTM platform was tested at Con Edison’s 3G-System-of-the-Future projects in Manhattan.  David completed the successful merger and acquisition of Infotility into Pacific Controls, a global building controls and M2M automation software company headquartered in Dubai, UAE in 2011.

David was a VP of Silicon Energy, now (NASDAQ: ITRI) a leading provider of Building Energy Management software and solutions. He managed the development and market launch of Silicon Energy’s industry leading Distributed Energy Manager™ (DEM) product, a software platform for networking, managing, and controlling renewable and distributed energy resources, part of Silicon Energy’s EEM Suite™. While at Silicon Energy, David’s division deployed the DEM and EEM Suite at major utilities and companies worldwide including DTE Energy, ABB, GPU, ConEdison, First Energy, Pan Canadian, Wal-Mart and others directly contributing to sales over a 3 year period exceeding $15 million and was responsible for the first multi-million dollar sale with the company. He was pioneer and co-developer of the Virtual Utility project with ABB and designed the software for one of the first PowerParks designed by Real Energy, and DTE Energy. David was instrumental in helping to grow the European, Asia-PAC, and Latin American markets working with clients such as Vattenfall, Enel, E.On, EDF, Provincial Electric Power Authority (PEA) of Thailand, SP Ausnet, and EletroPaulo. David helped to grow the organization to over 250 employees, was involved in raising over $40 million in venture capital, filing for IPO, and assisting in the sale and acquisition of Silicon Energy to Itron.

Prior to Silicon Energy, David was a principal with ICF International in Washington, D.C (EPA ENERGY STAR®) where he worked on the Energy Vision Enterprise software (utility meter data warehousing platform) which sold to Nexant Software.   David held other positions at Architectural Energy Corporation, subsidiary of United Technologies (NYSE:UTX) where he worked on intelligent building energy management software; Highland Energy Group, bought by (EUA-Cogenix) a leading energy service company; and Cable and Wireless Communications (NASDAQ: VOD).

David is a founding Emeritus Member of the GridWise Architecture Council (GWAC) which was instrumental in launching the vision for the SmartGrid industry including the drafting of the SmartGrid language used In the ENERGY INDEPENDENCE AND SECURITY ACT OF 2007, and the creation and signing of the historic GridWise Constitution in Philadelphia in 2005. He is also a founding member of the DOE’s Modern Grid Initiative as well as an active member in promoting the IEEE P1547 Standard For Interconnecting Distributed Resources. David served on the Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG), was VP of the Solar Energy Industry Industries Association (SEIA), and co-founder of the Colorado Renewable Energy Society (CRES). He is currently a member of the American Council on Renewable Energy’s CEO Council and Power and Infrastructure Committee. Previously, David was a board member of Green Building Studio and Aura Renewable Energy Corporation. Green Building Studio was sold to AutoDesk in 2009. He currently serves on the advisory boards of Cool Energy (Sterling Engines), Fabriq (Wireless Lighting Controls), Bella Energy (Solar Developer), and Heart Transverter, S.A. (Smart PV Inverters). Recently, David served as acting COO of Lighthouse Solar where he advised the company in its move into Utility-scale and Community Solar solutions. David is the founder and Chairman of Evolution7 Labs which is a GridAgents spin-off company developing the PowerStation gateway to enable and integrate solar/EV and other renewable-based MicroGrids.

David received his Masters (MSc) in Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering, University of Colorado, 1991, and his BA in Environmental Conservation, University of Colorado, 1985 with a focus on Computer Science and Energy. His MastersThesis explored novel Artificial Intgelligence-based energy control and prediction methods titled Three Case Studies using an Artificial Neural Network Approach to Energy and Load Prediction.


Thysson Williams, CFO.  Mr. Williams is Chief Financial Officer for the subsidiary E7 Ventures where he works on renewable energy project finance. Thysson joined Crocs, Inc., in 2000 as one of the first employees and original angel investor. He is credited with developing the initial sales and marketing strategy for all Crocs Brand Footwear and implementing the “kiosk model,” accounting for more than 50 percent of total footwear sales. Six years later, Crocs (NASDAQ: CROX) had a $1.6 billion IPO, the largest in the history of the footwear industry.

Thysson left Crocs in 2007 and started Lookout Investment Group, a private equity firm specializing in new venture initiation and capital bridge financing. Since 2006, Thysson has been investing in startups in the Internet/software/technology industry, as well as university housing, screen printing, medical services ,and independent film industries.

Thysson is General Partner of Lookout Investment Group, and is an investor and operations consultant of a university housing services startup, Dorm Room Decorators, focusing on the 18- to 30-year-old student demographic. He also serves on the boards of AlphaBoost, Crocodile Distributors, and Washing for Water. He is limited partner in an early-stage venture capital fund that invests in internet, software, and technology startups. In addition to his investing and entrepreneurial efforts, Thysson remains passionate about nonprofits serving youth in Africa and the U.S. He currently serves as the co-chairman of the board of the GCW Center, a group with efforts focused on women’s empowerment, communal action, and education in Rwanda.


Timothy Schoechle, Ph.D. Advisor
Dr. Schoechle is an international consultant in computer and communications engineering and in technical standards development. He presently serves as Secretary of ISO/IEC SC25 Working Group 1, the international standards committee for Home Electronic System and is a technical co-editor of several new international standards related to the smart grid. He also serves as Secretariat of ISO/IEC SC32 Data Management and Interchange, and he currently participates in a range of national and international standards bodies related to smart grid technology and policy issues.

As an entrepreneur, he has engineered the development of electric utility gateways and energy management systems for over 25 years and has played a role in the development of standards for home networks and for advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). He is a former faculty member of the University of Colorado College of Engineering and Applied Science. He is considered an expert on the international standards system, the topic of his 2009 book, Standardization and Digital Enclosure. Dr. Schoechle was a co-founder of BI Incorporated, a pioneer developer of RFID technology. He holds an M.S. in telecommunications engineering (1995) and a Ph.D. in communication policy (2004) from the University of Colorado, Boulder.